“Steve Noble served as my “executive coach” for 6  months and I have been extremely pleased with
our work together. We began the process with CCL’s “Executive Dimensions” 360 Instrument for
CEO’s. We focused primarily on the challenges of leading/managing a large, highly complex
organization in major transition. Steve’s coaching role was immeasurably helpful to me with my staff
and in my role with my board.   I would endorse his work unequivocally.”
    Charles Anderson
    President/CEO, United Way- National Capital Area, DC
    Currently CEO  United Way- Palm Beach, FL

"Steve Noble was engaged by ACEEE in fall 2009 as a management consultant in partnership with a
colleague.  ACEEE interviewed five different teams-- our choice proved excellent! (ACEEE is an
academic, 30 year old, 40 person nonprofit evolving to another level of operation.)

Steve conducted a very effective, trustworthy process resulting in strong satisfaction from all levels
from executive director to our newest staff. Work was completed and recommendations delivered in
two months meeting our tight schedule... and within budget. Our follow up work is producing exact
results we had hoped.; We would happily hire Steve again without hesitation."    
    Suzanne Watson, Director of Policy
    American Council for Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)
    Washington, DC

“It is vital that the non-profit world dramatically increase the number of first-rate professionals. I’ve
known Steve Noble since the mid-90’s and have followed his work over the years.  His commitment
to, and expertise in, developing “human capital” is very impressive.”
    Charles R. Bronfman
    Andrea and Charles Bronfman Foundation
    New York. NY

“Steve Noble has clearly demonstrated his skill in shaping programs and upgrading capabilities of
executives in nonprofits. He designs programs that produce results. This was abundantly evident in
the 5 years we worked together designing and leading a nationwide advanced executive
development program for a major national charitable organization.”
    John C. Colman
    Community Leader/Chicago business exec.
    Chicago, IL

Our Board retained Dr. Steven Noble to help enhance the leadership/ managerial skills of our
recently appointed CEO. The CEO was new to that level of responsibility of managing 15 staff and we
wanted him to have all tools available to be successful and that included 360 multi-rater feedback.

Based on several recommendations we chose Steve as an advisor/coach to help our CEO design a
plan for leading our operations in an effective and inspirational manner. Steve has handled sensitive
matters discretely and professionally.  He did a fine job and the organization is in a better place
thanks to his assistance.   
    Larkin Martin, Chairman. Cotton Board of America
    Memphis, TN
    Former Chair, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

“I've been in the public service field for many years and am quite used to feedback- solicited or not.  
However, the 360 leadership assessment process I engaged in with Steve was something entirely
different.  Receiving comprehensive, thoughtful and structured feedback from direct reports, peers
and board members provided me with a more accurate sense of how my leadership skills are
perceived.  It certainly was well worth the relatively small investment of time and cost. I highly
recommend any executive desiring to be the best s/he can be, to consider using Steve and his
    Ruth Messinger, President
    American Jewish World Service
    (Former Manhattan Borough President,  NNY

“I heard and read about 360 leadership assessment but never participated in it.  I was skeptical as I
really didn’t know the “value added” for my organization.  I’ve known Steve as friend and colleague
for years so when he proposed we “experiment” with 360, I agreed willingly.  I opted to involve my
senior staff, myself and a young “high potential” I envisioned for promotion.

I can fully report the process and findings were extremely informative and instructive for each of us. I
just promoted the young staffer; the 360 findings and  “game plan” enabled him to address important
developmental areas as he now takes on new supervisory responsibilities."
    Susan Bender, Executive Director
    Sid Jacobson JCC
    East Hills, NY
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