Career Counseling (Teach Boston University MBA Course Managing Career Growth
which focuses on areas noted below)

  •  Finding out what you want to do…and what you do well

  •  Effective job search planning and techniques

  •  Creating and updating resumes

  •  Switching careers

  •  Survival skills/strategies when in transition

  •  Reentering workforce after raising kids

  •  Interviewing techniques         

Pre- & Post-Retirement Counseling (Extensive field-based research on findings,
recommendations and "best practices" on executive transitioning. See
Effective CEO
Transitioning/Leadership Sustainability in North American Jewish Nonprofit

  •  Preparing early for post-organization life through Encore Career options

  •  Living a meaningful, productive life after retiring

  •  Options for remunerative, valued part-time work

  •  Volunteering options that “make a difference”     
A Strategic Consulting Practice
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Individual Counseling