360 Degree Assessment?  
360 Degree "multi-rater" assessment process provides individuals with a confidential snapshot of
how their leadership abilities are perceived by 3 important groups: staff, peers and
supervisors/chairs. It also includes self perceptions and the leader's view of how each group
perceives him/her.  

Who are 360s for?
They are for ANY leader and organization wanting to be optimally effective with staff, peers, bosses,
and boards. They are for leaders wanting to examine strengths and development needs to facilitate
organizational excellence.

Why are people’s perceptions of their leader so important?  
In work relationships, perceptions can be as meaningful as reality!  For example, staff buy-in,
teamwork, morale,etc are often based on perceptions of the leader, not reality.

There are many 360 instruments available.  
Steve has been trained/ certified to use instruments of Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in
Greensboro, NC, which are based on years of applied research and validity testing.  However, other
360 instruments are utilized. There is also the option of designing a tailored, online survey specifically
to your organization's unique culture, needs and budget.

How are data obtained?  
Leader designates individuals (direct reports, peers, and superiors)and provides each with an
opportunity to complete an online survey to assess him/her on specific leadership dimensions  
Responses are strictly confidential. Leader also assesses himself/herself. Gaps between observer
and self perceptions are, then, the focus of the work ahead.

How is feedback communicated?  
Comprehensive feedback report based on the data is prepared and discussed with the leader alone.
However, it is sometimes recommended the leader share select findings with supervisors or staff...if,
by doing  so, more viable and collaborative strategies can be developed.

What happens next?   
Leader also receives a guide and model to apply feedback to specific strategies that will enhance
leadership development.  Ultimate goal is for leader and facilitator, collaboratively, to create a new
professional development plan that pro-actively addresses areas for professional enhancement.
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360 Degree "Multi- Rater" Assessment
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